What is a Periodic Tenancy?

A periodic tenancy has no fixed end date. Either party (owner or tenant) can give notice at any point. Its a good idea to establish roughly how long the tenant plans to stay at your rental home as notice could be given in the first week in theory. 

How much notice does the owner have to give to end the tenancy at a rental property? Generally it is 3 months notice and no reason has to be given. Give notice in writing. There are 2 exceptions to this when only 42 days' notice needs to be given - 

  1. If the owner sells the house and the purchaser wants vacant possession. The owner (seller) gives notice to the tenant once the sale is unconditional.
  2. If the owner or their close relatives or employees need the house for their own use as a residence. You couldn't give 6 weeks' notice if you wanted to come on a brief holiday and use the house, you want to renovate or if the property is owned by a Trust ( a Trust is not seen as a person).  

How much notice does the tenant have to give? 3 weeks notice in writing. (It is usually when you have planned an overseas holiday!) 

A good property manager will know all these time frames.