Is Supply exceeding Demand?

Hawea has seen an increase in sections available with Sentinel Park and Timsfield  tipped to have 290 dwellings when completed. Building is now started in these sub-divisions. Two special housing areas have been proposed for Wanaka and Lake Hawea, which will potentially add 1281 more sections.

However, rental houses in both Wanaka and Hawea with rents up to $550 and $500 respectively per week are in high demand and owners have a wide choice of good tenants. Rural homes are also sought after and we recently rented a 6 acre property near Tarras for $700 per week

March, April and May have seen an increase in the supply of properties available to rent in Wanaka / Hawea. The time taken to rent properties is generally within 2 to 3 weeks of advertising but is governed by how particular owners are regarding allowing pets and the number of occupants they are prepared to have living at the property.