Are You Ready for 1st July?

The much publicised insulation deadline of 1st July is fast approaching. Making homes warmer and drier for tenants is highly desirable and a legal requirement. All rental properties must be compliant in relation to underfloor and ceiling insulation by this date. Non-compliant landlords and their property managers face a stiff fine of up to $4,000 for failing to have the insulation in place. The fine will be paid to the tenants and the landlord will be issued with a Notice to Remedy the breach.

Having an independent assessment is the best way to ensure the property complies with the new regulations and also removes any subjective views. Insulation installers will assess your property and quote if it requires a top up or a new installation. Most charge a nominal fee to provide a certificate of compliance. Some will refund the cost of the assessment if the quote is accepted. Alternatively a building inspector will give a totally objective report but this will come at a cost of around $110 + GST.